Aquarium Filters Information

aquarium filters information

    aquarium filters
  • (Aquarium filter) Aquarium filters are critical components of both freshwater and marine aquaria.Leibel WS (1993) A fishkeepers guide to South American cichlids. Tetra Press. Belgium pg 12-14.

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aquarium filters information - Red Sea

Red Sea Max 130D Plug & Play Coral Reef System 34 Gallon Aquarium w/ Stand & Starter Kit - Black

Red Sea Max 130D Plug & Play Coral Reef System 34 Gallon Aquarium w/ Stand & Starter Kit - Black

Red Sea Max 130D - The Complete 34 Gallon Coral Reef SystemRed Sea is pleased to introduce the new Max 130D. The 130D includes numerous significant upgrades and improvements from the original Max 130, and reflects feedback received from thousands of Max owners, dealers and distributors since the original launch almost 2 years ago. You will readily appreciate the enhanced features of this new Max 130D over the original version, and the entire system is now easier to use, requires less maintenance and will give even higher performance levels. The following key elements differentiate the Max Coral Reef System from other marine aquariums: ?Reef Spec? Lighting, Filtration, Skimming and Circulation: Extensive research and development carried out in our laboratories clearly shows that in order to sustain delicate hard corals such as SPS species, it is essential to meet certain criteria. This is especially true when we remember that many Max aquariums may be purchased by less experienced hobbyists. Protein Skimming, Filtration & Circulation: Delivering reef spec performance of 3x per hour aquarium volume circulation, and more than a 3:1 water to air ratio, the Turbo injected protein skimmer now has a foam adjustment feature which makes it even easier to use over a wide range of water conditions. The filtration system has been improved to ensure less water flow restrictions. A full sized, adjustable surface skimmer pulls water from the top of the aquarium where most waste collects. This upgrade reduces maintenance and aids water flow through the filter, making air bubble release far less prevalent. New biological media, improved media bags and an upgraded foam filter ensures water flows more freely through the entire filter chamber. The 130D includes a fittings accessory kit which makes it simple to add a chiller, external filter etc. Lighting: Reef Spec lighting of 4watts per gallon is controlled by a high quality timer and consists of upgraded twin 55w T5 Power C

78% (15)

Scrips Pier

Scrips Pier

Camera Nikon D3100
Exposure 0.004 sec (1/250)
Aperture f/9.0
Focal Length 10 mm
Lens 10-24mm Nikon
ISO Speed 400
Processing Programs: Photomatix Pro (3 Exp) - Photoshop (Vibrance, Unmaks Sharp, Curve, Briteness)

Located in La Jolla, CA, Scripps Pier spans 1,090 feet, built of reinforced concrete.

The pier was built in 1987-88 to replace the old Scripps Pier built in 1915. Scripps Pier is a familiar landmark located between La Jolla Shores and Blacks Beach, and next to the Scripps Institute of Oceanography, which owns and operates the pier. The pier is lit up at night and can be seen for miles. As one of the world's biggest research piers, Scripps Pier, not a public-use pier, is used by the Scripps Institute of Oceanography for boat launching and a variety of experiments. Data on ocean conditions and plankton taken from the Scripps Pier since 1915 provide an unparalleled source of information on changes in the coastal Pacific Ocean. Scripps Pier also provides a supply of fresh seawater, a critical resource for a marine institution, to an array of laboratories and aquaria, including Steven Birch Aquarium. Seawater is pumped up from the end of the pier, then filtered and stored in holding tanks. Scripps pumps about 1.8 million gallons of seawater each day.

Scripp's Pier ~

Scripp's Pier ~

The Scripps Pier at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography - The University of California at San Diego. La Jolla, California.

The Ellen Browning Scripps Memorial Pier is named for the most significant donor to the institution in its formative years, Ellen Browning Scripps. The original, wooden Scripps Pier was built in 1915-16 and was 1,000 feet long. The new, reinforced-concrete pier, at a length of 1,084 feet, was built in 1988 alongside the original pier, which was then removed. Data about ocean conditions and plankton have been taken from off the Pier continuously since 1916 and provide an unparalleled source of information on the coastal Pacific Ocean. In the 1940s the aquarium curator fished from the old pier to catch specimens for display. Small boats can be launched from the far end of the pier for projects in the kelp beds and the Scripps and La Jolla submarine canyons. Seawater is pumped up from the end of the pier, then filtered and stored in holding tanks, providing a supply of fresh seawater to Scripps laboratories and aquariums, including the tanks in the Birch Aquarium at Scripps.

The rental price of the Scripps Pier is $15,000 per event.

aquarium filters information

aquarium filters information

Captive Purity 35 GPD Compact RO

Captive Purity represents the highest quality in reverse osmosis technology. Captive Purity Reverse Osmosis Systems meet stringent standards and far exceeds the quality of systems from other manufacturers. A wide variety of options ranging from economy 2-stage units to top of the line 4-stage RO/DI units are available to suit your exact needs. Drinking water systems and custom installation solutions are available. Captive Purity Reverse Osmosis Systems are engineered and manufactured under strict guidelines to produce extremely pure water with exceptional focus on minimizing phosphates and silicates. This is a very important feature for reef aquariums. Remove over 98% of all ionic impurities. Remove over 95-96% of organic impurities. Remove colloidal and particulate impurities. Remove micro-organisms and pyrogens. Remove chlorine, chloramines, pesticides, etc. All systems include a non-corrosive 3/4" plastic garden hose adapter (non-brass).2-stage Compact RO System Features: Ultra-compact and economical reverse osmosis system. 1500 gallon chlorine removal capacity sediment/carbon combo inline prefilter. High flow and rejection TFC membrane Includes non-corrosive 3/4" plastic garden hose adapter (non-brass). Clear Canisters.**Receive 15% off your replacement sediment filters, carbon filters and membranes when you purchase RO/RODI unit from us.

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